Amazon Keyword Search & Purchase + Verified Review
*How to use the Free Amazon Keyword Search Tool ? Type in the product name or the main keyword that describes your product Use more than two words in the search bar, to get better keywo rd results. *What are keywords on Amazon? Research? How do people on Amazon start a search for their product? By a search! The search terms are the keywords. Keywords are the exact words or phrases typed by searchers to verbalize their item of interest. It optimizes your product listing for Amazon’s search engine. Your product gets indexed for the keywords. Based on the keywords in the listing and the backend search terms the product listing gets displayed for a search with the keywords.   Using the right keywords in your Amazon listing is like “speaking the same language” as the Amazon shopper. By matching the keywords in your listing, your product can be organically seen and recognized by the searcher interested in your space. The right keywords connect the dots between the buyer’s keystrokes and your product. Also, the shopper gets a clear idea of your product.

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